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Posted on: March 1, 2018


Each of the following appointed city boards, committees and commissions has position(s) eligible for new appointment or vacancies.  

Airport Board

Number of positions:  1

Position currently held by:  Orv Smidt

Term Length:  5 year

Residency Requirement:  Required for majority

Purpose:  The Airport Board gives recommendations to city staff for the management, supervision, regulations, and care for the Brookings Regional Airport.  Any rules or regulations are subject to approval of the City Manager.

Brookings Committee for People who have Disabilities

Number of positions:  1 (Student representative)           

Position currently held by:  Taylor Wold

Term Length:  1 year

Residency Requirement:  Required for 7 members

Purpose:  The Brookings Committee for People who have Disabilities strives to advocate for the rights of people who have disabilities in our community.  Throughout the year, specific events are held to bring awareness and information to our citizens.  Technical assistance is provided to the business community, private individuals, governmental entities and nonprofit organizations.  This is a service not provided by any other entity in Brookings.  The goals of this service are to improve the quality of life for people who have disabilities through enhancing the knowledge base of entities in the community; and to further serve as a community-based advocacy group enhancing the ability of local entities to comply with Federal Civil Rights legislation.

Human Rights Committee

Number of positions:  1 (Student representative)

Positions currently held by:  Meagan Irvine-Miller

Term Length:  1 year

Residency Requirement:  Not required

Purpose:  The Human Rights Committee has the power to investigate alleging discrimination.  Other programs include: 

  • The study of the existence, character, causes and extent of discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations, property rights, education and public services. 
  • Advise and provide a forum for those subjected to unfair and discriminatory practices in the City and County. 
  • Advise City officials concerning issues of discrimination. 
  • Conducting educational programs and disseminates information to further the committee’s policy to eliminate discrimination in the city.

Park & Recreation Board

Number of positions:  4 (2 regular terms, 1 college student representative and 1 high school representative)

Position currently held by:  Doug Smith, Jay Larsen, Thomas Thvedt (high school student) and Cole Moderegger (college student)              

Term Length:  3 years (except student positions – 1 year)

Residency Requirement:  Not required

Purpose:  The Park & Recreation Board provides advice to the Director of Parks, Recreation and Forestry to assist in fulfilling the administering of the public park system, recreation programs and city forestry program.  The Board also advises the City Council and makes recommendations on matters regarding park capital improvements and planning.

Sustainability Council

Number of positions:  1 student representative

Position currently held by:  Caleb Vukovich 

Term Length:  1 year

Residency Requirement:  Required for majority

Purpose:  The purpose of the Sustainability Council is to investigate, propose, educate, communicate, and advocate investment strategies and policies that will improve our future quality of life while still meeting the needs of the present.

Utility Board

Number of positions:  1

Positions currently held by:  Dave Peterson

Term Length:  5 year

Residency Requirement:  Required (resident & land owner)

Purpose:  The Utility Board is an administrative body responsible for the management and control of the electric, water, wastewater and telephone utilities of the City of Brookings.

Applications for Appointment are available at the link below, or at City Hall, 520 3rd Street, Suite 230, or by calling (605) 692-6281. Applications must be submitted to the City Clerk not later than Friday, March 30, 2018.


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