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Posted on: May 9, 2018

Brookings Health System Board of Trustees Minutes: 3/29/2018

Brookings Health System Board of Trustees
March 29, 2018

Board of Trustees:
Present: Walt Wosje, Sheila Anderson, Bill Davidson, Andrew Ellsworth, Daryl Englund, Nancy Fahrenwald (via ph.), James Morgan, Dick Peterson and Justin Sell; Ex-Officio: Ryan Krogman

Management: Jason Merkley, CEO; Steve Lindemann, CFO; Tammy Hillestad, CNO; and Sheri Wiig, recorder

President Wosje called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

Merkley welcomed and introduced Geoff Knobloch, CPA/Partner with Eide Bailly. Knobloch presented a detailed overview of the FY17 Audit Results. Eide Bailly has issued a clean unmodified financial opinion of the 2017 hospital financials which has been accepted by the State Department of Legislative Audit. There are no material corrections and only three notable audit adjustments. Knobloch provided further explanation regarding GASB accounting standards and SDRS pension performance. Net revenues increased approximately $6.2M from 2016 due to increased volumes and the reinstatement of the Rural Community Hospital Demonstration Program. Total profit margin was 8.4% which is favorable when compared to other organizations. Overall, ratio and benchmark comparisons were mostly strong in relation to other SD hospitals and Moody’s data. Trends have been positive dating back to 2014. Knobloch indicated the audit went very well and financial statements are in good order. Knobloch was thanked and he exited the meeting at 6:05 p.m.

A motion was made by Englund, second by Peterson to approve the agenda and the following consent agenda items: February 26, 2018 Board of Trustees meeting minutes and February 21, 2018 Medical Executive Committee meeting minutes.

Action: All present voted yes; motion carried.

Articles of interest included “Consumerism in Healthcare: The Next Chapter”, FutureScan; “Purchaser Pressure: The Emerging Role of Employers in Driving Value in Healthcare”, FutureScan; “Public Hospitals and Partnerships”, Trustee and “Are We Trending?”, Brink.

CEO Report
Merkley noted Brookings Health System was recently selected as the only South Dakota hospital to make the 5th Annual Listing of 100 SafeCare Hospitals for low infections, readmissions and complications. This is an outstanding accomplishment for Brookings Health System. Merkley also noted Dr. Mark Mayer arrived and held a Continuing Medical Education (CME) presentation on Mako Robotics for physicians and staff. Dr. Mayer will be a great addition to our medical staff and we are looking forward to promoting his services. A marketing campaign is underway. Dr. Moriarty will be attending Mako robotic training next week.

Ellsworth added, the exactness and precision of robotic assisted surgery is remarkable and revolutionizes orthopedic surgeries.

CFO Report
Lindemann noted an adjustment was made to December and January Net Days in AR to coincide with audit adjustments and further work is being done with Avera to reduce the timeframe for clinic claims. The Investment Authority account received its $20M funding on March 1. Activity will be reported next month.

New Hires:
Caress, Hannah $10.50; Barnes, Franchial $12.50; Wilde, Mandy $41.25; Johnson, Sheryl $12.45; Cass, Emily $10.75; Falconer, David $36.50; Zomer, Emily $13.00; Tawo, Zahnlener $15.25; Brown, Cole $10.50; Beek, Michael $10.50; Norton, Amber $12.50; Miedema, Nancy $13.25;

Status Changes:
Bickett, Kaylee $12.00; Bruce, Lillian $12.00; Slaba, Dylan $12.00; Petersen, Dillon $12.00; Brown, Natalie $14.25; Price, Nicholle $14.50; Gallegos Lopez, Eloy $12.18; Cepeda, Tweenee $12.70; Deknikker, Crystal $15.57; Olauson, Melissa $19.77; Nielsen, McKenzie $28.97; Fritz, Kristin $20.30; Salonen, Bonnie $63.70; Malone, Lisa $31.83; Homan, Ryan $13.81; Schmidt, Kara $16.15; Sagmoe, Lauren $12.23; Prouty, Jessica $27.03; Millard, Gabrielle $31.11; Hemmer, Allison $11.26; Hirrschoff, Celene $25.81; Perry, Joyce $15.57; Harvey, John $16.32; Williams, Cody $29.35; Boldt, Jaclyn $24.29; Vos, Diane $12.20; Rogers, Karen $13.41; Meyer, Meredith $28.49; Bumann, Karen $53.18; Ciancio, Diane $27.95; Turany, Haley $12.43; Nelsen, Marquette $20.61; Holm, Carter $16.47; Anderson, Marsha $15.50

CNO Report
Hillestad was happy to report Brookings Health System’s Sleep Lab recently received approval by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care. An in-depth review was conducted of the space, staff competencies and polices of the services relating to sleep studies. Mandy Wilde, CNP, is off to a great start as the new provider for the Arlington and Volga Medical Clinics. Hillestad also noted the community education collaboration with other facilities on the opioid crisis is in its early stages. A pain taskforce team has been created to help lead efforts on this important topic.

Board Committee Reports
Administrative Committee:
Administrative Committee member Wosje provided a report; the Administrative Committee met on March 20, 2018. Topics of discussion included Brookings Health System Investment Authority, Meditech/IT Conversion, Mako Robotics Operational and Marketing Rollout, City Ordinance, Appointment of Lynn Darnall and Prairie Vista Care Organization. There were no action items.

Building Committee:
Building Committee Chair Englund provided a report; the Building Committee met on March 20, 2018. Topics of discussion included Hospital Expansion/Renovation- Remaining Punch List/Outstanding Issues, Yorkshire Eye and Dental Clinic, Ambulance Garage/Building, 22nd Avenue Project and the Medical Plaza-Second Floor. There were no action items.

Finance Committee:
Finance Committee Chair Peterson provided a report; the Finance Committee met prior to the Board Meeting today, March 29th. The committee reviewed and approved the payables, adjustments, and financials for February. Geoff Knobloch, CPA/Partner with Eide Bailly provided a detailed review of the FY 2017 audit report. Peterson made special note of the Community Benefit section of the audit letter; Brookings Health System provides numerous benefits to the Brookings Community and surrounding area. The community receives nearly $10 million in community benefits from the Health System each year through financial assistance, government shortfalls, and programs provided to the community without receiving compensating revenue. In addition, a 2016 South Dakota State University study showed that the Brookings Health System had a $35 million positive economic impact on Brookings County.

Merkley noted February financials will be included under the consent agenda in next month’s board packet for board approval.

Quality Committee:
Quality Committee Chair Ellsworth provided a report; the Quality Committee met on March 20, 2018. Topics of discussion included Hospital Acquired Conditions (HAC) Reduction Program, Q417 Infection Control Report, Patient Experience Campaign, Q417 Patient & Resident Safety Report, Active Shooter Drill, and House Bill 1126. There were no action items.

TeamShare 2017
2017 results have been compiled from both Quality and Financial TeamShare goals. An announcement to all staff was made that we met the first tier on the Quality goal and the fourth tier on the Finance goal! All eligible staff will receive the TeamShare bonus in the next payroll. A total of $128k has been accrued in the financials.

BHS Investment Authority
Merkley shared, in addition to information shared earlier, we will plan to hold a few Investment Authority board meetings throughout the year for updates on performance or if further fund transfers need to take place.

Amended City Ordinance
Morgan provided an update regarding the City of Brookings city ordinance pertaining to Brookings Health System. The amendment addresses the board member appointment process by the City and County as well as the number of board trustees that must reside in the city or county of Brookings. City and County officials have reviewed the amended ordinance and it will be added to the City Council agenda in April for a first reading.

Medical Staff Credentialing
A motion was made by Ellsworth, second by Peterson to approve the credentialing and re-credentialing as recommended by the Medical Executive Committee.

Action: All present voted yes; Motion carried.

August Board Meeting Date
Merkley made a request to reschedule the August Board meeting from Thursday, August 30 to Monday, August 27 due to a Pareto Captive Services Conference scheduled on August 30 which would require Merkley to depart August 29. Merkley feels it would be beneficial to be in attendance. Wiig will follow up with members via email.

A motion was made by Englund, second by Morgan to enter into Executive Session at 6:50 p.m. in accordance with SDCL 1-25-2.(1), discussing personnel. Members present were: Wosje, Morgan, Anderson, Davidson, Ellsworth, Englund, Fahrenwald (via ph.), Peterson and Sell. Motion carried.

While in executive session, the Board discussed the final calculation of the 2017 CEO bonus incentive after final audited results were included in the formula. The Board congratulates Merkley on a successful 2017. Upon motion by Morgan and second by Englund, the executive session concluded at 6:55 p.m. and continued in regular session.

Upon motion by Davidson, second by Peterson the meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sheila Anderson, Secretary
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