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Legal Notices

Posted on: September 13, 2018

Brookings City Police Department Surplus Property Auction

We will offer at Public Auction the following described Surplus Property located at the Brookings Law Enforcement Center (west parking lot) at 307 3rd Avenue, Brookings, South Dakota (watch for auction signs) on:

Tuesday, September 25, 2018   Sale Time:  5:30 p.m.

Miscellaneous Property:  120 bicycles.

TERMS:  Cash.  Not responsible for accidents or theft. 

Announcements made day of sale take precedence over all written advertising.  All descriptions believed accurate, but not guaranteed.  Brookings Law Enforcement Center: (605) 692-2113.  Arlo Jurrens, Auctioneer.

Miscellaneous Property:  Gray and Blue Gauntlet DJGE027490 (Tag 2285); Black Raleigh 198060670 (Tag 2342); Orange Haro (Tag 2278); Black and Blue Mongoose XA75 FSD10CB0030 (Tag 2208); Red Huffy Toddle Bike SNHTZ13C00493 (Tag 2344); Shimano (Tag 2246); Silver Huffy (Tag 2264); Black and Red 98TD31313749 (Tag 2170); Blue and Silver Trek (Tag 2298); Blue Aftershock 00TD720077 (Tag 2117); Black Mongoose 17C53861 (Tag 2161); Black Flyer Spinner XCUMJ11448 (Tag 2366); Black Abyss G53152612SMA (Tag 2249); White Roadmaster Granite Peak (Tag 2230); Red and Black Trek 4100 (Tag 2235); Black and Gray Hyper HAVOC WMA-1026658 (Tag 2205); Green Huffy Mojave (Tag 2207); Red and White Kent Flexor GS52996 (Tag 2299); Red and Black Spraypainted Bike SNCNP06K20505 (Tag 2281); White Kent Peacefree (Tag 2164); Silver Roadmaster X980571583 (Tag 2219); Blue Mongoose Ledge SNFSD13M94758 (Tag 2182); Black and Pink Roadmaster Mt Sport (Tag 2301); Blue and Black Mongoose MGX (Tag 2194); Blue Mongoose XR75 (Tag 2191); Yellow Roadmaster Sponge Bob SNFSD015E6437 (Tag 2355); Black Hyper HAVOC DMG13H0773 (Tag 2316); Red Giant Cypress (Tag 2317); Blue and Gray Granit Peak (Tag 2326); Blue and Silver Climber DTCCA019107 (Tag 2331); Blue Magna Glacier Point (Tag 2169); Black Mongoose Status 2.2 SNFSD13B58187 (Tag 2190); Blue and Gray Roadmaster SNFRSD15G907 (Tag 2271); White Plus DCL060722 (Tag 2272); Black and Blue Wipe Out DWGH162046 (Tag 2232); Black and Orange Trek 3500 Series 3 WTU327C6259H (Tag 2258); Blue Schwinn Frontier P7BE02715 (Tag 2233); Black and White (Tag 2312); Black and Silver Schwinn S2600TGA (Tag 2345); Red Roadmaster Mt Climber MC01170257 (Tag 2115); Silver and Pink Quasar MC503048359 (Tag 2267); Red and Yellow Magna Excitor 59088305 (Tag 2234); Blue Free Spirit (Tag 2287); Black Schwinn 5NXD516A38851 (Tag 2119); Black Roadmaster (Tag 2129); Red Vertical Edge 18 speed (Tag 2290); Black and Silver Hyper WMA102605 (Tag 2295); Green and Black Upland Storm (Tag 2254); White Genesis GS101119288 (Tag 2259); White Plush XDDM065683555 (Tag 2244); Black Fixie Thruster; Gold Magna Mt Tamer (Tag 2255); Black and Gray Roadmaster Granite Peak SNFSD15GC2409 (Tag 2327); Purple Murray (Tag 2139); Silver Mongoose Outer Limit X990391453 (Tag 2297); White Trek Mystic (Tag 2174); Maroon Schwinn (Tag 2364); Black and Green G5131046529 (Tag 2291); Purple Roadmaster (Tag 2318); Pink Schwinn Dora the Explorer (Tag 2195); Pink Schwinn SNXD513MO1959 (Tag 2253); Silver Schwinn SNHUA04G35418 (Tag 2102); Silver Schwinn 14C074631 (Tag 2124); Green Giant GP32593U (Tag 2313); Silver Trek 8001975 (Tag 2100); Gray and Black Bounty (Tag 2149); Orange and Black Trek WTU332C7095H (Tag 2157); Blue and Gray Roadmaster (Tag 2103); Black and Red Mongoose (Tag 2110); Purple AMF (Tag 2111); White and Green (Tag 2242); Silver Powerclimber TD2088071839 (Tag 2120); Silver and Black Trek WTV316C1555C (Tag 2349); Blue and Silver (Tag 2037); White (Tag 2275); Blue and Black Roadmaster (Tag 2241); Silver and Black Kent G1212056350 (Tag 2116); Black and White Huffy AF14F01806 (Tag 2306); Blue and Black Diamond Back I3L03374 (Tag 2186); Blue and Gray Huffy Granite (Tag 2308); Blue and Black Roadmaster (Tag 2163); Maroon and Silver Trek 1TK4F16012 (Tag 2371); White and Silver Mongoose SNFSD10FD1072 (Tag 2309); Black and White Kent Ambush WMM502340515 (Tag 2282); Orange and Green Magna (Tag 2217); Yellow Huffy (Tag 2339); Purple and Teal Roadmaster Granite Peak (Tag 2197); Yellow Change Freestyle (Tag 2196); White LWMD049390 (Tag 2269); Black and Blue Huffy AF14E018896 (Tag 2221); White and Black Huffy AJ14F084067 (Tag 2286); Blue Huffy (Tag 2198); Black Mirreco (Tag 2167); White and Black Roadmaster R4047WWI (Tag 2260); Blue and Chrome MGX DXR R4502WMCT (Tag 2099); Blue and Red Huffy Rock It (Tag 2198); Blue Giant (Tag 2172); Blue Huffy Backwater (Tag 2178); Silver and Yellow 781889895 (Tag 2168); Red and Silver Climber (Tag 2184); Purple Roadmaster Mt. Fury (Tag 2171); Black Trek Navigator TB11380 (Tag 2183); Blue and Yellow Huffy (Tag 2190); Black and Silver Trek Navigation 75 C14B3983 (Tag 2211); Purple and Blue Schwinn Dee Lite (Tag 2177); Black Razor FS20 (Tag 2185); Blue Murray (Tag 2173); White and Gray Surge (Tag 2204); Green and Purple (Tag 2176); Black Schwinn Pacific (Tag 2216); Purple Roadmaster MT Sport (Tag 2095); Red and Black All Terrain (Tag 2088); Black and Yellow Mongoose Element (Tag 2071); Blue and Silver Break Point Pro (Tag 2096); Silver Huffy Bandit (Tag 2099); Blue and Purple Mongoose Ledge 2.1 SNXDS12E95191 (Tag 2079); Red and Silver Huffy South Ridge (Tag 2070); Purple Huffy Megatrans (Tag 2170); Brown TD1089084537 (Tag 2182); Red Roadmaster Granite Peak (Tag 2213); Blue Schwinn S20 (Tag 2165); Blue Timberline Wildwoods D41206320 (Tag 2162); Red Huffy Southridge (Tag 2181); Blue Powerclimber SL03407405 (Tag 2180); Blue and Black Roadmaster Rockz R70572891 (Tag 2175); Black and White Huffy Rockcreek AB14A08320 (Tag 2214); Green and Purple Trek 800 Sport (Tag 2192); Silver Triax 78466058 (Tag 2084); Red Nishiki Blazer (Tag 2077).

TERMS:  Cash.  Not responsible for accidents or theft.

Announcements made day of sale take precedence over all written advertising.  All descriptions believed accurate, but not guaranteed.  Brookings Law Enforcement Center: (605) 692-2113.  Arlo Jurrens, Auctioneer.

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