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Posted on: May 1, 2019

Press Release: Mayor's Sustainability Awards Now Accepting Nominations

The Brookings Mayor’s Sustainability Awards recognize excellence in sustainable practices demonstrated by local businesses, organizations, and individuals, while promoting a culture of resiliency. Award winners contribute to a more sustainable city by embracing and promoting an approach to business and daily living that balances environmental responsibility, economic prosperity, and community equity. There are five categories for awards.

The award categories include examples of areas of focus, but are not the limit of projects available for an award. Choose the category that best fits your project:

1. ENVIRONMENTAL RESILIENCE – Programs in this category focus on environmental infrastructure, conservation, or resource management, such as:
• ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION – land conservation or restoration, wildlife protection, fire-shed management, watershed management, air quality
• WATER – water-related education programs, stewardship of the watershed, water conservation programs/projects in the community, water capture and reuse
• ENERGY – solar programs/projects, energy efficiency programs/projects, energy conservation program/project, access to renewable energy for all
• WASTE – waste reduction, recycling education campaigns, recycling business or organization, addressing food waste, composting, product stewardship

2. SOCIAL/QUALITY OF LIFE – Projects and programs that focus on sustainability and social benefits help ensure that all Brookings residents gain from quality of life improvements, through programs such as:
• EDUCATION – public education campaigns, sustainability education in schools, marketing campaigns
• FOOD SECURITY – ensuring access to healthy food, food security, innovative farming projects, provider of community food services
• AFFORDABLE HOUSING – ensuring low-income people have access to affordable housing, ensuring that the workforce can afford to live in Brookings
• HEALTH AND WELLNESS – public outreach campaigns, fair and equitable access to services

3. ECONOMIC VITALITY – Applications in this category should reflect sustainable economic benefits through stewardship programs, such as:
• BUILT ENVIRONMENT: BUILDINGS AND LAND USE – energy reduction in commercial or residential buildings, innovative residential home or commercial development, renewables in schools, etc.
• ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – green collar job training programs, innovative green business, greening business, import replacement
• TRANSPORTATION – program, project or business helping to reduce cars on the road, car and ride sharing programs, low carbon vehicles and transit, access to public transit

4. SUSTAINABILITY LEADERSHIP/INNOVATIVE BEST PRACTICES – This category is for individuals in the Brookings community making a difference in any of the sustainability arenas.
• Leadership or service as a volunteer, in a non-profit, government, or private sector

5. TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE – Outstanding all-around programs that address all core considerations, integrated across the three aspects of sustainability. Nominations must include aspects of Social Equity, Environmental Resilience and Economic Vitality such as:
• ENVIRONMENTAL RESILIENCE – reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adaptation to changing climate
• SOCIAL EQUITY – community campaigns; organizations focused on taking care of others, the environment and our economy; projects that empower and engage residents across income spectrums and include groups that have been left largely out of climate & sustainability solutions
• ECONOMIC VITALITY – sustainable economic benefits through stewardship programs
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