Affordable Housing Task Force


520 3rd Street
Suite 140
Brookings, SD 57006

Brookings, SD 57006

(605) 692-6629

The role of the Brookings Affordable Housing Task Force (BAHTF) is to advise the City Council, City Manager, and City Boards on housing-related issues; help advance the creation and availability of affordable housing for middle and low income residents of Brookings; and deliver proposals to the City Council on potential incentives for the creation of affordably priced single family dwellings and affordable rental units for middle income residents of Brookings.
Name Title Email Phone
Bludorn, Kelan   (605) 690-7772
Bridges, Connie   (605) 691-1573
Mills, Jacob   (605) 691-3352
Minor, Mary Jo   (605) 690-5824