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Special Services
Brookings Area SWAT Team
The purpose of this unit is to provide the Brookings Police Department, the South Dakota State University (SDSU) Police Department and the Brookings County Sheriff’s Office with increased police capability to effectively control and resolve highly volatile incidents. These incidents include but are not limited to:
  • Barricaded and/or hostage incidents
  • High-risk warrant service operations
  • Persons with weapons
  • Suicidal calls involving weapons

Team Elements
The Brookings Area SWAT team consists of two elements: the entry team and a sniper team, both under the direct supervision of the tactical commander. At year-end, the entry team consisted of six Brookings Police Department officers and one SDSU Police Department officer. The Brookings Police Department also provided two officers for the sniper team.

In this collaborative effort, it is understood that any local law enforcement agency can call upon the services of the SWAT team, if warranted, for deployment anywhere within the County of Brookings.

Mission Statement
Through consistent, thorough and disciplined training we may operate with our many refined parts as one elite body in the demand to preserve life, to provide our community with haste and excellence in the performance of safety in high-risk operations and to meet the demands of ever-changing challenges with ingenuity and a tactical mindset. 

Contact Information
For more information, please contact the Brookings Police Department by calling (605) 692-2113.

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