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Landfill Information
General Information
The City of Brookings holds a Subtitle D Landfill Permit, which includes a compacted clay liner and Leachate Collection System with a stormwater pond and all required monitoring wells. The landfill opened in October of 1993. The total cost to develop the new landfill was $2 million.

The Brookings Landfill serves parts of six counties that include Brookings, Deuel, Hamlin, Kingsbury, Lake and Moody. The population for this area is 45,000 people.

Hours of Operation
The City of Brookings Regional Landfill hours of operation are Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 4:15 pm, and Saturday from 8:00 am to 11:45 am. The Landfill will be closed Saturdays in January and February. For holiday hours, please review the landfill calendar.

Scavenging is not allowed at the City of Brookings Regional Landfill. Once material has entered the gate it cannot be removed. This is a State of South Dakota requirement.

Compost Material
The City of Brookings Regional Landfill has compost available at no cost to the residents. The compost material is part of our yard waste program. The material is screened in the fall and can be used for flower beds, gardens and seeding of small areas of grass. The material can be mixed with black dirt when planting a whole yard.

Lumber & Trees
The landfill accepts clean lumber and trees. These are ground up for wood chips and hauled to Sioux Falls and burned at a local corn plant. If your lumber or wood has been treated with stain or any other chemical it needs to be dropped off in the household area.

Tire Disposal
The City of Brookings Regional Landfill accepts tires for disposal. The tires are recycled by New Deal Tire out of Groton, South Dakota. Please check the landfill fees page for the different costs of tire disposal.

Metal / Appliance Disposal
The City of Brookings Regional Landfill accepts metal for disposal. The metal is baled and recycled by M C Recycling from Kranzburg, South Dakota. Appliances with coolant/Freon must be placed in a separate area, so the contractor can remove all coolant/Freon.  The customer is not required to remove the coolant/Freon from refrigerators or air conditioning units.

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