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National Register of Historic Districts
What is a Historic District?

A historic district is a concentration of buildings, structures, sites, or objects with shared local, state, or national historic significance for their association with important events, people, design, or archaeological value. Districts are often aesthetically linked or share common elements in their plan and physical development. These cohesive elements often include similar historic architectural styles: building setbacks, forms, massing, height  and materials; views, drives and  walkways; and landscaping such as tree lined streets. Historic districts contain contributing and non-contributing resources. A contributing property adds to the qualities that make the district significant. Brookings’ four districts enhance the overall fabric of our community.  We encourage you to plan renovations, alterations and additions that will maintain the property itself and the historic district as a whole.

Brookings National Register of Historic Places

Commercial Historic District

 Central Residential Historic District

University Residential Historic District

  • Consists of 248 houses and 177 secondary buildings that were constructed within the 17 block district between 1895-1948
  • Established in 1999
  • Registration form
  • Map

Sexauer Seed Historic District

Individually Listed Properties

  • Brookings City Hall, 4th Street *   Application    Photo
  • Brookings County Courthouse, 4th Street & 6th Avenue    Application    Photo
  • W.A. Caldwell House, 804 Sixth Avenue *    Application    Photo
  • Carnegie Public Library, 524 4th Street    Application    Photo
  • Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Depot, Main Avenue *    Application    Photo
  • Cobel, Ivan House, 727 Main Avenue    Application    Photo
  • Coolidge Sylvan Theatre, Medary Avenue, SDSU    Application    Photo
  • Coughlin Campanile, Medary Avenue, SDSU    Application    Photo
  • Experimental Rammed Earth Machine Shed, NW corner SDSU campus    Application    Photo
  • Experimental Rammed Earth Wall, Medary Avenue, behind Dean of Ag. & Bio Sciences House, SDSU    Application    Photo
  • Fishback House and Boundary Increase, 501 8th Street    Application    Photo
  • Graham House, 927 7th Street *    Application    Photo
  • E.E. Haugen House, 202 5th Street    Application   
  • Lockhart House, 1001 6th Avenue      
  • G.A. Matthews House, 423 Eighth Street    Application    Photo
  • Nick's Hamburger Shop, 427 Main Avenue *    Application    Photo
  • Pioneer Park Bandshell, SW Corner Junction US14 & 1st Avenue    Application   
  • George P. Sexauer House, 949 4th Street    Application    Photo
  • Stock Judging Pavilion, 11th St. and Medary Avenue    Application    Photo
  • Trygstad Law and Commerce Building, 401 Main Avenue *    Application    Photo
  • Wenona Hall and Wecota Hall, Medary Avenue, SDSU    Application    Photo
  • Woodbine Cottage, 929 Harvey Dunn Street    Application    Photo
  • Woodbine Cottage Experimental Rammed Earth Wall, west of junction at 10th Street & Medary Avenue, SDSU    Application    Photo
* also located in a historic district

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